Social Aspects of Information Technology

The objective of this course is to help you to think critically and constructively about information technology and its relationship to work, leisure, and U.S. society at large. We will explore the ways in which a wide range of academics, activists, and opinion-leaders talk about the nature and uses of information technology in a number of settings, and we will focus on developing tools for you to critique those perspectives and propose alternatives. During the first part of the course, we will examine a series of concepts and analytical devices that will help you make sense out of the empirical case studies and related writings that we will study in the second part. The knowledge and insights you develop in this seminar will serve you throughout your professional, personal, and civic lives. You will be better prepared to make policy and spending decisions in your future workplaces, and to exercise a leadership role in any organization in which you work.

Class Time and Location

Tuesdays, 1:00pm to 3:45pm, LI001

Instructor Information

Noriko Hara
(812) 855-1490
Office hours available by appointment