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You will be evaluated on the basis of five assignments including a term project. These assignments are described below, and will be discussed in greater detail in class.


The first assignment will be marked very closely and all markup errors and stylistic problems will be highlighted to give you a sense of the expected level of competence to which you should aspire. For the second version of your resume and all subsequent assignments, you will be responsible for checking your markup to make sure that it is clean and in compliance, at a minimum, with the HTML 3.2 standard.

The easiest way to check over your markup is to use an HTML or CSS validator, which are software programs on the web that check HTML and CSS markup for errors

Validators can be found at:

Weblint Gateway
http://www.dcs.shef.ac.uk/cgi-bin/weblint or http://www.sfsu.edu/training/weblint.html
W3C CSS Validation Service
For XHTML Vlidation
When you submit your assignments, be sure to provide the of the validator that you used for that assignment.

Here are helpful tips:

For the second and subsequent assignments, evaluation will focus more on information architecture and design and on content development. Pages will be run through a validator and serious markup errors will result in the loss of a letter grade.

Assignment 6: Class Participation

Attendance is required. If, for some catastrophic reason, you are unable to attend, it is your responsibility to let me know beforehand and/or as soon as possible afterwards. You may email your information. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to:

  1. Hand in all assignments due for that day on time and
  2. Obtain any notes and handouts from other students.
I will take points off your participation grade for each missed class.

I will also grade your participation based on your contribution to the course. In order to contribute to the course, you need to pay attention while individuals are presenting or I am teaching, and not surf the web, check email, or do other work.

Assignment Turn-in Policy

Assignments are due 30 minutes before the start of class unless otherwise indicated. I will check all the URLs that are submitted prior to coming to class on that day. Assignments turned in after the due time without prior approval will be penalized 10% for each 24-hour period that it is late. Assignments that are over 6 days late will NOT be accepted unless arrangements have been made with me. I encourage you to discuss with me any special circumstances that will affect your ability to perform your assignments or turn in your assignments on time.

Grading Breakdown

Assignment Description % of Final Grade
1 IA Issues Discussion Questions 15%
2 Code Projects 20%
3 Client Website Project
  • Project Documentation (25%)
    • Analysis
    • Design Rationale
    • Usability Testing Results
  • Project Production (20%)
4 Client Project Presentation 5%
5 Reflection Paper 10%
6 Class Participation 5%

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