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Assignment Descriptions

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All assignments are due at the beginning of class.

Note: I expect you to use the APA style for references.

1. Short in-class presentation (10%)

According to Michael Stephens (2011), "tracking technology trends should be one of the most important duties of librarians, including reference librarians." (p. 203).

Assume that you are invited as a speaker to a panel session about cutting-edge technology tools in library instruction at a conference. Prepare a 20 slide, each for 20 second, speech to talk about a technology that would be useful for (library) instructions. The lenth of the entire presentation should be 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Set a default transition time to 20 seconds on PowerPoint. Use simple words and get to the point quickly because your time will run out fast. At the same time, make sure you provide enough details and clear organization (e.g., an opening, body, and conclusion), so that your audience will gain some understanding of the subject. Try not to rely on notes when you deliver this speech, and pay attention to body language (gestures, facial expression, eye contact). Please make sure that you rehearse many times.

Technology tools for instructions include, but are not limited to:

See the article below for an example of twitter use for library instruction: Beyond the reference desk. (2008). Twitter for Library instruction? http://www.beyondrefdesk.com/2008/03/twitter-for-library-instruction.html

You should upload the slides to the Assignments section on [Oncourse.]

2. Classroom teaching evaluation (15%)

Evaluate a classroom (face-to-face) teaching of your choice. Consider, for example, bibliographic instructions and workshops at Wells library, MCPL's computer classes, UITS's STEPS classes, IU classes, etc. I discourage you from choosing a SLIS course. The aspects of your evaluation should include but not be limited to:

You are encouraged to observe a class that is close to what you would teach in the future. It is important that you get the permission from the instructor for observing her/his class. If you need some ideas about observation of a classroom, I'd be happy to brainstorm with you. This is an "evaluation" report, not a descriptive report.

Specifications: 4-5 double-spaced pages (excluding references), default margins of MS Word, either Calibri or Cambria 12 points, stapled, and APA style.

Assignments #2 should be submitted in both electronic (via the Assignments section in [Oncourse]) and paper formats.

3. In‐class instruction (20%)

Facilitate an instructional session with another classmate or two for 60 minutes. This is a shorter version of a class that you will teach at the Monroe County Public Library (MCPL) later in the semester for 120 minutes (see Assignment #6 below). You will select a topic from the following list:

[adapted from Roy, L., Folfing, T., & Brzozowski, B. (2010). Computer classes for job seekers: LIS students team with public librarians to extend public services. Public Library Quarterly, 29(3), 193‐209.]

You may suggest a similar but different topic with permission from the instructor, but need to decide which topic to teach before January 10, 2012 in order to have the classes listed on the MCPL brochure. You will sign up for a session between Weeks 8 and 11 (one session per class) for this assignment. The session should include the following:

4. Reflection (10%)

After you deliver an in-class instruction described in #3 above, you will submit self reflection of the process. The reflection should include what worked, what did not worked, what you could do to improve for the next time. This reflection paper is due within a week of your presentation (i.e., if you present in Week 10, the reflection paper is due at the beginning of the class in Week 11).

Specifications: 3-4 double-spaced pages, default margins of MS Word, either Calibri or Cambria 12 points, and stapled.

Assignments #4 should be submitted in both electronic (via the Assignments section in [Oncourse]) and paper formats.

5. Critiques of instructional sessions (15%)

Provide feedback on each in-class presentation described above. A feedback sheet will be distributed at the time of presentation. Your feedback will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

The feedback sheet will be distributed in class.

6. Instruction class at MCPL (20%)

The instruction that you developed for assignment #3 will be expanded to 120 minutes and delivered at a class offered in the Monroe County Public Library (MCPL). This assignment has two parts.

Make sure to distribute course evaluation, collect them, and submit them to the instructor.

7. Participation (15%10%)

I expect you to attend all class meetings and contribute to the class discussions. If you cannot attend class, you must notify the instructor in advance (preferably more than 24 hours prior to the class). Attendance will factor into your final grade. Unexcused absences will not be tolerated; numerous absences are frowned upon, and if you foresee yourself missing multiple classes, be sure to see the instructor the first day after class. Make-up work may be negotiated only in cases of documented, excused absences. If you do not come to the class on time, it will affect the participation grade.


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